Row of network servers in data center

BSSI is building computers that are faster than Dell with higher end components!/

BSSI has been upgrading computers for many years to save our customers money and increase the systems’ speed and efficiency. Ask for a BSSI build and a Dell quote then compare.  Why pay more for Dell when they’ve been increasing prices, decreasing availability, and using cheaper components from China. We do appreciate that Dell allows BSSI to provide warranty service for the Dell equipment that we sell.  You can purchase Dell servers, laptops, and computers from BSSI at a competitive price, have our trained technicians setup, install programs, transfer data, and configure to the network. Read more here.

How about a new printer?/

BSSI sells and repairs laserjets, large format plotters and dot matrix printers. Read more here.

HP Laserjet Printer
HP Workstation Machine

Don’t want to invest into new hardware?/

Are you needing to rent workstations or printers for a project or a training class? Read more here.