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When Bud’s Sales & Service originally opened its doors in Vienna, WV, way back in 1968, we specialized in typewriter sales, service, and repairs. Although nowadays typewriters don’t quite rule the world like they once did, they’re still immensely useful in certain applications. For example, did you know that funeral homes are still required to keep a typewriter on-hand for filling out death certificates? Or that many prisons will allow inmates to use only typewriters for their correspondence?

IBM Wheelwriter Repair

Whatever the circumstance, sometimes a typewriter is invaluable; you may not use it often, but when you do use it.../

it needs to work./

IBM Wheelwriter Repair

Specializing in IBM Wheelwriters, Business Systems is at your service to fix any annoying problems that pop up with your typewriter, whether your keys stop working, your paper keeps jamming, or your typewriter bursts into flames (although you should probably just replace it if it’s on fire. Well, after the fire is out). Do note that although we specialize in Wheelwriters, we will attempt to fix anything you can throw at us on a best-effort basis; just give us a call and see what we can do! In addition to standard repairs, we also offer maintenance contracts for your typewriter, and we’ll give you a free cleaning when you sign up for one. Call us for details!

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