Windows 10

Windows 10 – For Free or Not For Free, That is the Question

Are you tired of that little window that keeps showing up and telling you to upgrade to Windows 10 for free? Well, we’ve got good news and bad news for you. The good news? It’s going away very soon. The bad news? You won’t have access to a free Windows 10 upgrade anymore.

July 29th will be the last day you can take advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade. You should give us a call to see if this is an offer you should jump on right away, because afterwards, you’ll have to pay $119 for a Home license, or $199 for a Pro license – that’s a pretty steep increase over “Free!” You’ll want to be absolutely certain that you have all of your ducks in a row before committing to anything though – after all, changing your operating system is a pretty big deal. We all remember the debacle of the Windows 8 launch, and the windows Vista launch, and the Windows ME launch, and… well, you get the idea.

Fortunately, a lot has changed in the Windows world, even since the botched Windows 8 (there’s a reason Microsoft completely skipped the number 9). Windows 10, in its current state, is a solid, quick, and attractive operating system. Compatibility issues are thankfully rare, there are a plethora of features that benefit both the casual user and the power user, and the overall aesthetic and feel of the operating system is great, a noticeable step up from the already-solid Windows 7. Microsoft have really stepped their game up and elevated Windows from something that you have to use to something that you want to use.

But (there’s always a but!) – that doesn’t necessarily mean you should jump ship and hop on the shiny new Windows 10 train right away.

celine bags Compatibility issues, though they are actually pretty rare, could wreak havoc on your workflow, especially for a business. Many businesses run legacy programs that were designed for much older operating systems and may not work properly on Windows 10. Nothing is worse than getting your shiny new operating system installed only to find out you can’t access your accounting database anymore.

You should always be prepared before making any major changes, and being prepared means hitting the library (or Google, as it were). You should make a list of every program you use on your computer and begin doing some research. Find others who use the same program on Windows 10 and see what experiences they have. Even moreso than that, you’ll need to research your computer’s hardware configuration; a difference in your processor could be the difference between a painless upgrade and a technological nightmare. Computers are finicky like that.

It’s difficult to be 100% certain of anything with upgrading based on the number of variables involved, but you want to get as close to that number as possible before you make any major changes. Do your research, prepare for the worst, and, if it’s all a little overwhelming for you, contact a professional to help evaluate the situation and make sure things run smoothly. Windows 10 is a great operating system, just make sure you’re ready for it. We can help with that.