An Ode to Pop-Up Ads

celine bags “Pop-up ads are great. I mean, they’re just the best. I really, really love pop-up ads.” – No one, ever.

Yes, pop-up ads are as old as the internet and somehow among the worst things to come from it (and there are a lot of bad things to come from the internet). You’re likely familiar with them, but if not, allow me to briefly explain how they work:

You’re happily browsing a website, reading an article full of well-researched, interesting content interspersed with silly cat pictures, when all of the sudden a giant, flashing message appears telling you that your computer is infected and the only cure is redeeming the free iPad you’ve also won. Annoyed, you click the red X in the top right corner, hourly van hire birmingham. The pop up does not leave, so you move to the next logical step: you drive to the hardware store, buy a dump truck full of masonry bricks, and throw them through your monitor.

canada goose It’s a problem as old as time and one that’s likely to persist as long as modern civilization (if not longer – sorry future civilizations! You haven’t actually won a free iPad). Once your computer becomes infested with spyware, you’ll gradually notice more and more of those pesky ads that become more and more resilient. You may be unable to close some of them, you may be unable to use a website without them showing up, they may even start appearing on the masonry bricks sitting where your monitor used to be – but don’t panic. If you’re being overwhelmed with them, just try to reboot your computer and fire up your trusty anti-spyware programs. If you don’t have a trusty anti-spyware program, you should strongly reconsider that fact (if you’re not sure what to get, we’ve got links to a couple over on our Service page).

Modern anti-spyware programs are pretty great at removing most of the nasty bugs that can show up, but modern spyware bugs can also be pretty great at dodging the programs. It’s a vicious cycle with both sides continually finding ways to one-up the other. If you’ve tried to remove the nasty viruses and spyware from your computer but aren’t having any luck, you may want to bring your computer to us and we’ll send them packing. We won’t even use masonry bricks to do it!