Staff Spotlight – Drew Edgar

MikeDrewAndrew J. “Drew” Edgar is another family member who contributes to the success of Business Systems in his unique way.  Drew is Mike Edgar’s younger brother who shares Mike’s amazing computer talents. Drew is a three-year member of the Business Systems team and he delivers value to our client base as a graphic designer and website developer.  He brings an entirely different palette of skills to bear for our client experience.  A graduate of WSCC in graphic design, Drew is a master of Photoshop.  He also uses WordPress with speed and effective idea presentation.  In designing sites, Drew understands the world of digital marketing and has an uncanny insight into the world of semantic SEO and Google algorithms. He gets the flow of website content and the interaction of social media in understanding the marketplace.RA Grani

Boss_302Drew is a family man and he and his wife, Brandy, have two beautiful children, Julian and Lydia.
When Drew isn’t pushing swings and changing diapers, he can be found glued to the back of a camera, anchored under a guitar, or hunkered down in front of his Xbox trying to figure out why he has 200+ hours sunk into Dark Souls synthroid tablets online. Drew has an endless fascination for anything old, rusty, and Japanese; where Mike can be found behind the wheel, Drew can be found trackside, pointing a camera at anything with wheels.